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Registration is open at http://education.ti.com/en/us/pd/in-your-area/summer-workshops

 Would you be interested in learning about the latest in TI-Nspire technology (or TI-84) and how it can be used to improve teaching and understanding? At this TI Summer Workshop in Indianapolis participants will enjoy instruction with SMART Board technology and the latest TI-Nspire CX Navigator.


Summer 2013 Workshops in Indianapolis

TI-Nspire Summer Workshop June 12-14, 2013


June 10-12-Day workshop "Transitioning to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition in High School Mathematics"


3-day workshop "Implementing the Common Core Mathematical Practices with TI-Nspire"

Dates: Wednesday, June 12 - Friday, June 14, 2013 

Time:  8:30-3:00 

Location: Covenant Christian High School, 7525 W. 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46214


Cost: $350 for either the 2-day or 3-Day workshop. ($300 without technology)

 The TI-Nspire workshop includes 3 days of training AND the latest TI-Nspire CX or TI-Nspire CX CAS technology  - the handheld and associated Teacher Software.

The Transitioning to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition in High School Mathematics includes 2 days of training and the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (color TI-84) and the latest TI-84 SmartView.  


Special offers (expire end of May):

   *** $125 for pre-service teachers (professor verification letter.pdf) - This includes the TI-Nspire Teacher Bundle technology.

 *** Buy 5, get the 6th free. 

Registrants attending each day of the TI-Nspire workshop will receive the following:

  • Course materials with a three-ring binder
  • TI-Nspire CX handheld and TI-Nspire Teacher Software OR a TI-Nspire CX CAS handheld with the TI-Nspire CAS Teacher software may be chosen. This will be clear to the participant upon registration. [For most, I would recommend the TI-Nspire CAS. Many past participants have said that if they had known what is special about the TI-Nspire CAS, they would have chosen that one when they registered.]
  • Certificate of attendance

These three days will provide 18 hours of hands-on instruction as you explore how to implement the TI-Nspire into your classroom.

Graduate Credit available.  See http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/sectionHome/pd_credit.html for details.



Summer 2012 Workshops in Indy (Get the Indianapolis TI-Nspire Summer Workshp Flyer 2012.pdf)


2 options in Indiana:

  "Connecting Math & Science" STEM - Beginner level   Getting Started with TI-Nspire

   "Algebra" - Beginner level   Getting Started with TI-Nspire 


Why these offerings? I figured "Connecting Math & Science" would appeal to all the levels (especially middle school to high school teachers and professors of pre-service teachers) of math and science teachers because teaching with application is a valuable way to engage students and help them learn the meaning of what they are studying in their mathematics class. This Getting Started material will provide more real-world application and an introduction to how easy it is to use things like the CBR2 and a multitude of Vernier data collection probes. NASA-TI activites with STEM career connections will be used. The importance of STEM education of the future success of our nation will be addressed and Indiana (and nationwide) STEM opportunities will be shared.

"Getting Started Algebra" will be just the thing for the many teachers who want to learn to better integrate technology into their classroom. This workshop will enable mathematics educators to be more successful in their classroom through the appropriate use of technology, thereby improving the educational experience and academic success of their students. Additionally, this workshop will aid teachers in preparing for CCS (Common Core Standards).


If schools haven't already adopted the TI-Nspire, this will be a good year to bring some color to inquiry-based activities and enjoy improved features like: PublishView, 3D, new and much improved data collection application, more content on Math Nspired and new Science Nspired, etc. An exciting new feature is Phet simulations that run on the TI-Nspire. These simulations have many inquiry-based exploration potential and already made lessons for teachers.


Location: Covenant Christian High School, 7525 W. 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46214

Dates: Wednesday, June 20 - Friday, June 22, 2012

Time: Wednesday - Friday, 8:00-3:00 

Cost: $350. This includes 3 days of training AND the new TI-Nspire CX or TI-Nspire CX CAS technology  - the handheld and associated Teacher Software.

Special offers (expire end of May):

   *** $125 for pre-service teachers (professor verification letter.pdf) - This includes the TI-Nspire Teacher Bundle technology.

 *** Buy 5, get the 6th free. 

These three days will provide 18 hours of hands-on instruction as you explore how to implement the TI-Nspire into your classroom..

Graduate Credit available.  See http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/sectionHome/pd_credit.html for details.



Registration:  http://www.tinspire2013.com/   Registration opening 'soon'.

Other workshops will be offered in other locations. See the above link for sites and offerings.

What is a Getting Started with TI-Nspire (3 day) Workshop? 
Getting Started with TI-Nspire is for teachers who have never used TI-Nspire before. Participants will gain familiarity with the TI-Nspire handhelds, Teacher Software, and TI-Nspire Navigatorô system. They will gain experience using the Math Nspired and Science Nspired activities that accompany the TI-Nspire solution. The T3 Instructors will also discuss the pedagogical implications of using the TI-Nspire solution and available Math and/or Science Nspired activities.

What is a TI-Nspire for Intermediate Users (3 day) Workshop?
TI-Nspire for Intermediate Users is targeted for teachers who have taken a TI-Nspire workshop in the past and/or are intermediate users of the TI-Nspire solution. Participants will build upon their previous experience with TI-Nspire technology and gain experience using the Math Nspired activities. Pedagogy will be emphasized and discussed.


Cancellation Policy

  • Registration will close two weeks prior to the start date.
  • A waiting list will be maintained at the online registration site for those who try to register after the "closing" date. If we are able to serve those that are on the waiting list, they will be charged a $25 late registration fee. This will be collected and handled by the T3 Office.
  • A workshop may be cancelled if fewer than 15 people have registered 15 days before the start of the workshop. We will likely cancel that workshop and suggest that registered participants try to attend another workshop, with preference given to a workshop at the same site.
  • If a workshop is cancelled, the T3 Office will contact all registered participants and arrange for the workshop re-assignment or for a refund.

 FOOD: Lunch for the three days is NOT included in the cost. Some local people may want to bring their own food. You can go off campus to a nearby lunch option from 11:30-12:30.



Accommodation recommendation: Jameson Inn Indy West is a nice hotel conveniently located nearby. They have a pool, fitness center, etc. There is a microwave, refrigerator, iron, coffee maker, alarm clock radio, a desk and FREE wireless internet, free parking, free local telephone calls in each room and free continental breakfast. They have also provide a free shuttle service to and from the airport and the school in the past. To get the group rate of $69.99 for this workshop at Covenant Christian H.S. call 1-800-Jameson and ask to be transferred to Indy West. We only blocked 15 rooms at this rate, so if you need hotel, don't wait too long.


Why Indianapolis is a great place to come to (and especially Covenant Christian High School):

  •  The school is quite near the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) with its new terminal.

  • Indianapolis has many nice interstates to get you to the hotel & school quickly. We are known as the "Crossroads of America"

  • Many of our classrooms use SMART Board technology. So you can get hands-on experience at SmartTIap or enjoy seeing the SMART Board in action at a TI-Nspire workshop.

  • The school is comfortable - carpeted and air-conditioned.

  •  Hotels in Indy are more affordable than many cities (especially compared to the coasts and Chicago).

  •  Our Children's Museum is one of the best in the world (in cases you bring the kiddies with your spouse or something. Consider getting a membership so you can take your time and go back again. That's what we do.) 

  • The school is about 2 miles from the Indianapolis 500 which has a very affordable and interesting museum and you can ride around the track. I took several calculus teachers last year and they were surprised by how much they enjoyed it.

  • Eagle Creek Park, one of the countries largest city parks, less than 2 miles North of the Jameson Inn. It has great trails, nature center, and much more. You'll forget you are only 10 minutes away from downtown of the 13th largest city in the nation.

  • Indianapolis has a very nice ZOO.

  • Rainy day activities for the family include Xscape and Great Times Fun Parks.

  • And so much more.

There are many restaurants a few miles of the school. Besides the restaurants you can find at just about any large city there are a few unique places you may want to try for dinner:
http://www.rickscafeboatyard.com/Indianapolis/home.html (for seafood and a view)
http://www.mug-n-bun.com/ (for a taste of the classic 1950s food)
http://www.dawsonsonmain.com/ (if you want nice food near Indy 500)
http://www.mclhomemade.com/ (for Midwest home cooking food)
http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/40/440435/restaurant/West/Charlie-Browns-Pancake-and-Steakhouse-Indianapolis (especially if you love breakfast).
It is a bit more of a commute, but because of its novelty it is worth mentioning that the Mayberry Cafe isn't too far away http://danville-indiana.funcityfinder.com/mayberry-cafe/

If you don't get to try as many of these as you would like, maybe you will have a chance when you come for NSTA in 2012 (science teachers). Of course, you will probably be staying downtown and there are a LOT of really nice places to eat down there that you could just walk to.



Recommended calculator for Calculus & Physics (and other math & science classes) at Covenant is the TI-Nspire CX CAS


Benefits of Technology ppt slide show    updated   




Revised: 03/27/13.


Two good articles on the use of CAS:  1, 2

Objectives (for the 2009 SMART TI AP course):

  • Teachers will learn how to refresh and improve their AP Calculus course.
  • Teachers will become more proficient and comfortable with SMART Board technology especially for teaching AP Calculus. Participants will create SMART Notebook files for use in their classroom.
  • Teachers will experience hands-on activities with the TI-NspireCAS and see how it can be used for demonstration and class discussion. Other TI emulator technology can also be demonstrated.
  • Teachers will become familiar with the AP Calculus course and its goals, objectives, resources, bibliographies, and equipment.
  • Teachers will discuss and learn strategies for teaching students to prepare them for the AP exam. Resources will be shared!