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 Summer 2010 TI-Nspire & TI-Nspire CAS summer workshop Beginner level - Connecting Math & Science

Intermediate level -  Calculus Summer Institute 2010  at Covenant Christian High School, Indianapolis, IN


Welcome to my TI-Nspire Physics site.

You can find some of the activities I've used in my classroom. Since 2008 I've been using the TI-Nspire Navigator with the TI-Nspire CAS in my physics classes.


Note from the Math Department Head Mrs. Taylor recommending students get TI-Nspire for next year's algebra 2 and precalculus class.

Calculus will continue to use TI-Nspire CAS. It is permitted on the PSAT, SAT, AP Physics, AP Calc, AP Statistics, and AP Chem exams.


BallBounce.html data and graph using the new Vernier DataQuest on the TI-Nspire. The CBR2 was held at a height of about 2 meters and a racquet ball was dropped.


 The following tns files can be used on your computer with the TI-NspireTM software (free 30 trial download)


Nice short action/consequence activity that is great to use before using actual spring scales. Self-Check Questions included.



Data collected from class


Projectile investigation and lab ... not yet posted. Would anyone be interested in seeing these?




The next two activities used to be available on TI's website with other Physics Samples. They include the tns file, teacher notes, and student worksheet. I've presented the Roller Coaster activity at a NSTA conference and to a group of middle school students, as well as to my high school students (freshmen to seniors). The version below has some minor improvements I've made after using it with my students this year.

Frictionless Roller Coaster - Energy -






Law of Gravity - Simulation of Newton's Universal Law of Gravity. It begins with an inquiry into the what happens when a mass is moved toward and away from

 As an answer to the last question on the handout students wrote, "This was cool. I learned about the importance of mass to gravity.... I learned about the patterns that can come from the equation and how the equation alone works.... That as the distance increases the force decreases...The most important thing I learned was about the inverse square law. I think that is very useful information." 





NASA Explorer School Student Symposium presentation by Kristen & Sarah May 6, 2011 (50th Anniversary of US human space flight).




For an introduction to the TI-Nspire I have used this handout: TI-NspireCAS primer.doc or pdf by Sean Bird - updated Aug 2010 - now updated for OS 2.1 Touchpad! (3.0 update coming this summer) It serves as a guide to learn the features and become comfortable with the TI-Nspire CAS, especially designed for TI-83/84 users.


You may need this font so that the above files look right: TINspire.ttf












Nelson Sousa's site

Those without TI-Nspire CAS will particularly appreciate the unit converter program that works on the TI-Nspire.






- My Physics site (Enjoy the physics of toys booklet - good info, but it needs an editor)

 - My Calculus site

- My TI User Group site

- My blog with many Nspire articles

Note: It isn't all about me ("my, my, my"), but to God be the glory.







GREAT INTRO VIDEOS!!! This is interactive key- pressing practice.



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