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Stuff You MUST Know Cold for AP Calc html , IN COLOR Stuff Word doc , Stuff ppt

Stuff  pdf (the original black & white with updates), *IN COLOR Stuff pdf

The above html link uses MathType's new MathPage. Click on an equation and see what happens.


Good Advice for taking the AP Calc Exam  Includes "Global Tips," "10 Reminders about calculator," "Top 10 student errors," instructions and AP Calc course descriptions. (notes from NCTM 2006)

Slope fields the easy way on 89 & StudyCards   calculus.dematch.89t install this IMPROVED script on your 89 for answers to DE Match handout

Right and Wrong Ways to Use your Calculator & Things to Remember when taking the AP Calc exam (Common mistakes that make readers pull their hair out) UPDATED

Using StudyCards  (see my TI StudyCards page)

The most comprehensive compilation of Calculus songs:

CALCULUS Songs 1-17 Word doc, CalculusSongs01_17.pdf                                          

CALCULUS Songs 18-33 Word doc, CalculusSongs18_33.pdf                The best pi music video I've seen 

now more calculus songs!

The Tree of Calculus CD 2008 by Susan Cantey, also available on itunes (and enjoy her PowerPoints too) - lyrics


Equation editor suggestions helpful suggests when typing equations. Use this for typing Volume Project.


Summer Calculus Assignment -

TI-NspireCAS primer.doc

TI-Nspire Primer for 83-84 users Calc Summer Assignment.pdf (see TTT for tns files and TI-user group info)


 TI-89 Primer for 83/84 Users 


Syllabus for Calculus.pdf

Homework assignments outlined for Foerster's 1st ed. Calculus: Concepts and Applications:

Calculus BC



          Spring2006 Semester Calendar.pdf


Calculus AB Homework 1st Semester

Calculus AB Homework 2nd semester  



Volume Project with Grading Rubric

   Volume Project example by KatherineW.pdf


Volume How sweet it is activity by Dixie Ross

VolumeEdible Calculus by Jeffrey Young

Recommended calculator for Calculus is now the TI-Nspire CAS

Letter To Parents regarding TI-89 Calculator - (This needs updating to say TI-Nspire instead of 89.)

Benefits of Technology ppt slide show    updated   


Comparison Chart, comparison updated (but doesn't include NspireCAS)


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Two good articles on the use of CAS:  1, 2

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