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Sola Scriptura


Adobe Acrobat Reader required for links below. (You may have to right-click or hold the Mac button while clicking to download.)

The following are the fruit of Mr. Birdís Bible studies.  Most of these ought to be printed out on the front and back of a piece of paper.


Joy - "800 Happy Texts" foldable to make a bookmark. Study inspired by show Pollyanna. Word study of merry, laugh, cheerful, happy, enjoy, glad, blessed, joy, delight, mirth, rejoice and their variants.

Thanksgiving - results from a word study on thanks.

Worry - a study on worry. 10 truths from Scripture regarding worry & anxiety.   WorryBookmark1, WorryBookmark2 (5 on page instead of 4, same content, #2 has bird design) Biblical remedies for worry bookmarks


Bible Study

ABC Bookmark - a bookmark that can remind you of the components of a daily Bible study. A = Analysis, B = Best Verse, C = Commitment

10, 9, 8 - 10 proofs that Scripture is the Word of God, 9 reasons for difficult passages, 8 means to use when interpreting Scripture.  (Compiled from 1674, Thomas Vincent's 1674 Shorter Catechism explained from Scripture and William Whitaker's (1547-1595) 1588 Disputations on Holy Scripture)

Memorize Scripture Verse Cards - "Covenant of Grace," a verse for each book of the Bible, and "Senior Bible Verses," a key verse from each book of Scripture studied during the senior year at Covenant. Print this on heavy paper and cut them out to have cards you can keep with you to memorize at any time. Verse card holders are available through Navigators so you can begin or continue a life of meditating on Godís Word wherever you are.  Go to verse pack. (Email me to ask for the phone number for Verlee Shupe, an 87 year old woman from Iowa who sews more durable leather looking verse packs in just about any color you want for $0.75+shipping.)
John 15 verse card_NKJV, CovenantVerseCards2006

Psalm PowerPoints The following were presented during staff devotions at Covenant Christian High School: Psalm 19 part1 part2;

Psalm 111;


Psalm 119

Psalm links: Treasury of David, Commentaries, Singing the Psalms, Psalter on-line, Psalters available for purchase at

Study of Truth - notes from Biblical Theology by John Owen on seven things that ought to accompany the study of truth.

Summary of the Bible ppt, pdf text accompanying illustration

    Summary of the Bible with Covenant Verses  ppt, text pdf text Word doc Word doc, CovenantVerseCards2006 pdf

    Summary of the Bible for Joe pdf

Ten Reasons to Belong to a Church - Why go to church? Enjoy God's presence with His people on His day and sit under teaching from His Word.

Wheel Illustration PowerPoint regarding growing in the Lord (means of grace)

Why Read the Bible? Why should it be translated? This updated version is compiled from William Whitaker's 1588 work regarding Sola Scriptura. (The originally un-proofread version is still available here )



Fifteen Biblical Reasons to Have Another Child A Protestant Perspective on a large family. See also Blessing of the Fruit of the Womb by Vision Forum.

Covenant Promises - Consider the hope from the promises of love in God's covenant relationship with us and our descendants.

Daughters' & Sons' Names - Hannah, Lydia, Miriam, Elizabeth, Joseph, Rebekah & John - study of the meaning of their name and the person for whom they were named"Lo, Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the Fruit of the Womb is His reward. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them." Psalm 127, 3 though 5

Joseph Niqqayon - This study and the one before indicate our prayers for our children.


Death of Christ

Christ Died for God

For Whom Jesus Died



Genealogy of Jesus (from Matthew)

Bird family genealogy (under construction - Ha, ha)


God's Perspective

What God Hates

What God Loves

gambling violates at least five principles of Scripture


How and Why to Stay Sexually Pure - compiled when I taught Bible to freshman class of 2002. The list contains 28 ways to maintain purity and 29 reasons to be chaste.  The list is for single persons.

Why and How to Stay Sexually Pure (for Married People) This list is a modification of the above.

Purity - Study of I Thessalonians 4 and the seventh commandment



Faith Itself Is a Gift from Christ Being born again proceeds faith.

Repentance is a Gift of God What is repentance?  Why is it important?  Repentance is granted by God.

Bridge Illustration PowerPoint. Read the notes that are part of the ppt.  This illustration can be done by having memorized or reading just one verse.

Summary of the Bible ppt, pdf text accompanying illustration

    Summary of the Bible with Covenant Verses  ppt, text Word doc, CovenantVerseCards2006 pdf

John Owen on Conversion.pdf



Biblical Christian Worldview Chart

  - This handy chart provides Bible passages for the issues of man (origins, knowledge, meaning, morality, destiny, and beauty/design) that deal with God, creation, man, fall, and restoration.

  - Fits ideally on one legal-sized sheet of paper, although Adobe will automatically shrink to fit it on a standard-size sheet of paper.

Mathematics Verse Cards Think and teach mathematics from a Christian Worldview (for a list of the verses see mathematics Verses List)  These "Topical Mathematical Memory Verses" are a great way to begin class or even use as a personal devotional to remember why you study mathematics.  I have been working on compiling this verses, thoughts, and quotes since at least 2002. Topics include: Mathematical Aspects of Godís Nature, Origin of Mathematics, Purpose of Mathematics & why a Christian should study it, eQuations, Rebellion, Subject verses for Calculus, Attitudes and Attributes of Actions while doing math. 

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There are additional studies that are available by request (e.g. Children Are Part of the Church, Quest for Joy gospel tract by John Piper).

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